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While I specialize in WordPress, DNN and Joomla development and hosting, I'm versatile and always looking for new challenges!

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Site Hosting

I also do web hosting! Currently, I host all my WordPress sites on a dedicated SiteGround cloud server while I host my current DNN/Microsoft solutions on a dedicated InterServer virtual private server. I also provide Rackspace Email accounts when needed (extra $3/month).

Small Site Hosting

$125/year (1-5 pages)

Average Site Hosting

$250/year (6-25 pages)

Large Site Hosting

$35/month (25+ pages)

Note that I do more than just host your sites! Every two weeks, I log into each site, perform all associated CMS updates (such as WordPress plugin and theme updates) and verify that all is well with each site. I'll also take care of email setup, annual domain registration fees and even provide direct access to your domain via my SiteGround cloud server control panel if desired.

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