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The Road Ahead for 2020

After a two-year hiatus, it was certainly time for me to check-in with all my Huelsman Way clients and let all of you know of my intentions for 2020 and beyond. To summarize, I’m planning to continue my development and hosting consultancy indefinitely so nobody has to worry about their sites needing to be migrated elsewhere anytime soon–I’ll continue to take good care of them!

Summary of 2019

I began the year continuing to convert my older DNN (DotNetNuke) sites to WordPress, basically completing that process back in the spring. That said, I still have a few sites left in DNN, and as DNN has made a bit of a resurgence recently (something I blogged about back in September 2017) I’m not in any hurry to migrate those few remaining sites.

Indeed, I continue to build in DNN in support of my pet BrowserQuests application, which I resurrected back in the summer and am actively working on again. If you’re into online role-playing games–or just want to see what I can do with an online application framework such as DNN–you can review my recent updates to the system and even give the game a try by signing-up with the application.

While my wife Susie’s mobile DJ/wedding business is winding-down now for the year, it got pretty intense the last few months (we do some 20-25 weddings and special events throughout the area every year, mainly from June through November). If you haven’t heard, Susie actually won the Madison magazine “Best Local DJ” award at the beginning of the year, the only woman to ever do that. She continues to hold a perfect 5.0 review score with and, I’m sure, will win the Couple’s Choice award for 2020 as well.

Finally, I’ve just created a new website for myself, While my earlier site at was fine, I wanted something that better focused on me personally and summarized all that I’ve accomplished throughout my career. So, from this point forward, expect to see more of these newsletters from my new site!

Intentions for 2020

With the new year, I’ll again be sending out my annual hosting invoices–expect to see those around January 5th or so. Again, I charge these annual hosting fees (typically $125/year for smaller sites up to five pages and $250/year for larger sites) to not only cover the costs of website hosting but the time I spend every two weeks updating sites and ensuring that they’re all working properly. As a reminder, I also provide simple content update services in return for the hosting fee, so if you want anything updated on your site, just let me know and I’ll be happy to do it!

I’m also planning to blog again going into 2020. There’s a lot going-on out there and I think I can bring added value to my consulting and hosting services by letting everyone know about the issues and possibilities involving their websites and discussing them on a fairly-frequent basis. So, watch for more information-packed newsletters from The Huelsman Way throughout 2020!